During the entrepreneurship and service adventure we started in 1986, we have left many good and bad things behind. We have always searched for answers on the question of "how can we present better services" in the light of these developments, based on which we have drawn lessons and shaped our strategies. As Fimar Holding, we undertake to continue our growth together with our fast developing country, by increasing the level all investments in all industries we operate and opening new employment gates after 2015 as well. Tomorrow, we will continue to grow together with Turkey and increase our volume of exports to tens of countries from Russia to South Africa and from Arab Countries to India, as we did yesterday, by adding new service areas and sharing the happiness to serve you in different fields. We will increase our export volume further and inform you that we will continue to contribute to the national economy. This success has come about thanks to the common and dedicated efforts of the top management and all of our employees together with the board of directors. In this regard; we would like to thank our local and international business partners as the board of directors, senior management and employees of the company.

Fimar Holding Board Chairman